AQA Testimonials

At About Quality Assurance (Quality) we rate client satisfaction as one of key performance indicators. We regularly seek feedback to ensure that our performance and services not only meet but exceed client expectations. Here is what just a few of Quality’s clients are saying:

1. Control

“Quality certification is vital to my business and its growth. Up until we engaged Quality our approach to maintaining accreditation and to our audits was pretty much ad hoc and responsive. In truth we spent a lot of time in the lead up to an audit running around hoping to ensure everything was in order. Now that we have engaged Quality, they make sure that we are audit ready at any time and do everything for us. We now control the process which is a great feeling.”

2. Budgeting

“Thank you Quality you have made our accountant a very happy lady. With your set monthly payment structure she is able to provide for and pay the cost of our quality certification in digestible portions. No more peaks and troughs or running around trying to find those extra dollars for unplanned, unbudgeted expenses. If only we had been aware of your services years ago.”

3. Cost

John, I have to be honest with you I was somewhat sceptical when I started to complete your online estimate form. But when your estimate came back to me and I spoke to you I found I could be saving almost 50% on the cost of certification alone, I couldn’t believe it and the fact that Quality offered a far superior service was the icing on the cake. Thank you.”

4. Previous provider

“I came to quality because my previous consultant simply set my quality framework up and got my business accredited. I was then left to maintain my accreditation and prepare for my annual audit. It was a nightmare and an area where I had no knowledge. Audit preparation cost me time, money and sleep and my previous provider had moved on so was no help. I checked with others who recommended Quality and I am delighted to have made the change. Not only have I saved money but I also sleep better.”

5. Consultants

“John, I want to thank you for getting us painlessly through the quality audit again. It is great to have a consultant like Jane as part of our team – that’s how we think of her.

It is important to have someone with expertise and experience in our industry but it is equally important to have someone who is commercial and empathetic and fits in with our business, Jane certainly fits that bill. We look forward to continuing our long and fruitful relationship.”

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