John Mason - managing consultant

John is the Founder and managing consultant of (Quality).

Qualifications & Experience
John is a registered Lead Auditor and Certified Management System Consultant.

John has over 25 years management and technical experience in middle and senior management roles within R&D, production, engineering and quality assurance.

Areas of special expertise
John steers the direction of the business and is primarily responsible for its growth.

At Quality his focus is sales and project management within quality, safety, environment and integrated management systems. The industries within which John specialises include; packaging, automotive, management consultants, law, stockists, textiles, construction, stationery, information technology, industrial cleaning, labour hire, manufacturers, wholesalers and professional services.

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Caroline Ellis

Caroline has over 20 years extensive engineering program management experience in co-ordinating and delivering a diverse program portfolio, as well as creating and mentoring multi-site project management teams including process and procedures development.  This experience spans mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as telecommunications, manufacturing and consulting industries.
Qualifications and Experience

After graduating from Cambridge University with a Masters of Engineering, Caroline achieved Chartered Mechanical Engineer status, and completed the student and graduate engineer program within the UK Ministry of Defence.   She has run multi-disciplinary teams to deliver complex through-life projects and utilised strong project management methodologies and techniques to use structured approaches to rescue and maintain project timescales, requirements, quality, budget and deliveries.   She has implemented quality initiates and is six sigma trained, and using this breadth of education and experience, has improved production on time deliveries, quality scorecards, and reduced the costs of poor quality.

Areas of special expertise
Caroline’s main focus in in the engineering and manufacturing industries.  Her practical and ‘real world’ approach hones in on implementing processes that drive visible and measurable improvements, making companywide buy-in simpler and quicker.  She also delivers practical training to prospective and established project management teams, shop floors and back office departments and having worked in a variety of project types, industries and frameworks, she is able to translate lessons learnt from past experiences into practical tips to drive projects to achieve all their targets.

David Poynter

David has over 30 years’ management experience in the information technology and printing industries. He has a broad knowledge of business operations with many years in senior roles that included business development, marketing, project management, information systems, change management and quality assurance.

Qualifications & Experience
David started life as an electrical fitter mechanic and has a Master of Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.  He has worked with a variety of different sized organisations that includes everything from local companies with less than 10 employees to global organisations with more than 10,000.

He first became interested in Quality Management Systems when he completed the Leadership Through Quality training at Xerox in the early nineteen eighties. A few years later, he completed training at QAS for AS3902 and successfully implemented his first quality management system.  David has always had an interest in how things work and how we can make them better.

Areas of special expertise
David enjoys solving business problems and using technology to manage business processes.  With his background in information systems and quality management, he has developed web-based systems that improve most aspects of management systems, anything from document management through to auditing. 

His experience enables him to assist in improving processes in many areas including customer service, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, marketing, accounts, call centres and technical services.

George Jacob

George is a mechanical engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience. He has been a Lead auditor with international certification bodies for the last 12 years with. He has substantial auditing, training and verification experience in integrated management systems ranging from defence, mining, asset/facilities management, construction, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications, public utilities and hospitality industry in ANZ and abroad.

George is an IRCA (UK) registered Lead Auditor and is qualified in ISO/International standards  in the disciplines of  Quality, OHSE, Sustainable Event Management systems, Energy Management Systems, Food Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Qualification & Experience: George has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. He also has a masters degree in Business Administration and a second masters degree in OHSE management.

George specializes in preparing and coaching clients in implementing integrated management systems (IMS) with simpler documentation and process mapping. He also provides support services to clients in maintaining their accredited management systems.

Jane Eva

For the past 22 years Jane has worked primarily within the optical and the residential building industries.

Qualifications & Experience
Jane has a Diploma in Quality Auditing attained from the Investment Banking Institute, which qualifies her as a Lead Auditor and she plans to extend this knowledge in the near future to include Risk Management, OHS and Environmental Management.

Jane has been a NSW TAFE teacher at the Ultimo Campus, successfully mentoring students to achieve in their chosen fields.

Jane has extensive retail management experience and a firm grasp on the concept of the superior customer service and relations and the importance of providing quality products and service to the consumer.

Areas of special expertise
Retailing particularly team management, stock control, purchasing, scheduling, payroll and delivery of quality products to customers. Jane is very familiar with the concepts of KPI's and performance appraisals.

Jane also has a wide knowledge of the construction industry including estimation, material ordering and OHS Management.

Jane is an experienced internal auditor with a focus on the following sectors medical, dental and machinery importers and exporters.

John Finneran

John has over 40 years of experience across a wide variety of industry sectors, including 12 years as a Business Coach where John has assisted hundreds of organisations improve their businesses.

Qualifications & Experience
John is a qualified lead auditor, has a Bachelor of Business Degree and qualifications in HR, Occupational Health and Safety and IT. For over 5 years he has, and continues to, manage an ISO ISMS 27001 Certification for a major Virtual Dataroom Company.

John has helped over 100 businesses, big and small, government departments, private companies with facilitating and implementing, strategic, operational and performance management plans, as well as conducting executive coaching.

Areas of special expertise
John’s primary area of focus is the Services Sector where he has helped many clients successfully achieve and maintain their Quality ISO 9001 Certification. John has also worked with a Quarry, Surveying, Project Management and Small Builder and IT/Communications Companies. He has recently broadened his skills to include assisting his clients to achieve Environmental and OH&S Certifications.

Judy Mozer

Judy has more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of businesses, including accounting, auto mechanics and transport industries.  She initially became involved in Quality Management Systems when taking on the role of quality management representative within the transport industry. Her extensive knowledge of business systems, requirements and processes has enabled her to maintain and add value to Quality Management, Environmental and WHS systems. Additionally though her attention to detail, problems solving skills and continual improvement focus she has developed and streamlined existing systems.

Qualification and Experience

After obtaining Diplomas and Certifications in Taxation, Accounting and Finance Judy spent several years working in Accountancy offices. During this time Judy focused on legislation, taxation law and compliance, helping companies and individuals understand, complete and lodge the relevant documentation to meet their legal obligations and deadlines.  During the past 10 years she has successfully developed and managed the business and accounting procedures for a fast growing dynamic transport company. By building and implementing continuous improvement procedures, processes and strategies she has contributed to the businesses’ growth and quality statue.  In her role of Office Manager she focused her knowledge and experience to the development and maintenance of integrated quality management systems. She also has many years of experience in team management, scheduling, all areas of accounts, including receivables and payables, customer service, payroll and compliance.

Areas of special expertise
Judy has a special interest in using software applications and technology to improve, support and streamline all areas of business endeavours, particularly the Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management systems.
With her dedication, commitment and experience of business and office requirements and processes, she has attained the skill base to support ongoing development, improvement and maintenance of quality systems throughout a range of industries.

Mark Veenandaal

Mark has over 30 years experience in senior roles in the manufacturing and service sectors, particularly in high technology industries. Throughout this time he has gained extensive experience in the areas of Operations and Project Management, Supply Chain, Business Process Improvement and Systems Development.  In addition, Mark is a small business owner and company director.

Mark has tertiary qualifications in science (metallurgy) and management (MBA) and has recently achieved recognition as a Certified OHS Professional. Additionally, Mark has specialised vocational training in Workplace Training & Assessment, Quality Auditing and Radiation Management.

Areas of Special Expertise
As a hands on practitioner, Mark has experience in the development, implementation and management of workplace safety, including work method design, risk assessment and compliance. In addition to experience in WH&S systems, Mark has significant experience in the development and delivery of Quality Systems and is a qualified Quality Management Systems auditor.

In recent times, Mark has specialised in Environmental Management Systems, working both in the areas of certification, assisting clients with achieving and maintaining certification to ISO14001, and sustainability, helping clients to reduce their energy consumption and their footprint.

Since moving into consulting 5 years ago, Mark has used these experiences to assist clients in achieving certification to the Quality, Environmental and WHS Standards in the following sectors: Manufacturing including Heavy Industry and High Volume Production, Construction, Service Industries including Field Service, Recycling including eWaste, Hospitality and Professional Services including Architecture.

Mike Hailey

Mike has over 40 years’ senior management experience in rapidly changing and competitive markets.  He has longstanding corporate experience in information technology working for some of Australia’s best known computer companies. Most recently, he has worked for manufacturers servicing the mining industry where he developed and introduced Capacity Planning and Master Scheduling systems.   Mike has also worked on diverse projects ranging from the development of a greenfield production site to the relocation of company premises and has developed a good understanding of the challenges faced by small to medium businesses.  Mike has an extensive knowledge of business systems and processes with many years in senior roles specialising in the development and implementation of systems to improve productivity and profitability. 

Qualifications & Experience
Mike is a qualified Lead Auditor with a Bachelor of Science degree from London University.  He has spent 20 years working in the corporate environment of computer companies and 20 years in the manufacturing industry.  He started his consulting business in 1990.  With CVSI, Mike was instrumental in re-engineering the company’s failing quality system so that it gained complete accreditation at all subsequent audits, gained acceptance and utilisation by employees as an effective business tool and ensured that the company could continue to sell to State and Federal Government Mike has excellent leadership skills often acting as an interface between disparate teams of people within a company to facilitate and implement change within organisations.  His key strengths are an enthusiastic and positive approach that helps people cope with the challenges of change, the ability to gain a commitment from business colleagues and customers to a solution and an ability to establish, understand and communicate the needs of customers and clients.  As a consultant, Mike often takes on a facilitator role to help identify, resolve and implement solutions in under-performing areas within a company.

Areas of Special Expertise
Mike has extensive experience in scheduling and capacity planning including implementing production line assembly slot management plans. He is also an Excel "Guru" with a passion for management systems.  Mike is an experienced internal auditor with a focus in the following sectors; Manufacturing, Slot Management systems, Production Assembly lines, Optometry, IT, Facilities Management, Dashboards, Software Application Implementations, Customer Support Centres, Internal Training.

Neil Bennett

Neil’s key success within the manufacturing, mining and service industries came from his passion to continuously improve and develop since starting his mechanical trade 38 years ago. With his vast mechanical and welding experience within the industry, he became involved within the Quality Control circles whilst his was responsible for manufacturing hyperbaric recompression chambers for the US Navy that changed his views on system compliance and strict adherence to documented processes. This later on evolved into implementation and certification of business management systems for N.A.T.A. laboratories and testing facilities within the industry.

Implementation and certification of Business Management Systems became the stepping stones towards Business Improvements, Operational Excellence, Kaizen and Lean Thinking approach to drive change and success within organisations.  Now associated with one of the major certification bodies in Australia, Neil regularly undertakes compliance audits in Quality, Work Health Safety, Environmental, Jobactive Quality Framework and Weld Management Systems.

Qualifications & Experience:
Neil has a mechanical trade with Advance Diploma in Weld Management as well as International Welding Technologist, Welding Supervisor & Inspector certifications. He has extensive qualifications in business management including, Root Cause Analysis, 4TQ Process, Internal & Lead Auditor in QMS, WHS, EMS & Jobactive certifications. Over the past year since becoming a management consultant, Neil has successfully assisted companies to achieve certifications across different service sectors throughout Australia.

Areas of Special Expertise:

Although Neil’s wealth of knowledge and experience is still predominately within the manufacturing, mining and weld management industry, he has expanded his passion to business management systems and certification auditing that now includes the Human Services and Employment sectors.  Neil is always looking at “Identifying value-add opportunities” for his clients by utilising his management skills to improve and streamline organisations to achieve their goals for continual success. 

Noelene Davis

Noelene is a qualified Food Technologist who has spent the last fifteen years working primarily in the agricultural and chemical sectors. Research and development strategies have been a prime focus, alongside a deep experience in regulatory affairs.

Quality management has been a consistent draw card, whether teaching quality management, food science and HACCP at TAFE, GMP system development, or project management system and database development.

Qualifications & Experience
Noelene has a BSc in Food Technology from UNSW. She has added a Cert IV TAE40110 Training and Assessment and more recently has completed Exemplar Global training in lead auditing and integrated management systems – quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety.

Areas of Special Expertise
Over the years Noelene has worked with a range of companies, from multinationals to SMEs, managing regulatory and product development portfolios across Australia and New Zealand. In addition she has worked in the food and agricultural sectors in adult education, including teaching, program development and forum coordination and facilitation.

Phillip Cranney

Phil has acquired broad experience across many industries and markets over 12 years; Phil’s is practical, yet rigorously logical and analytical in his approach to management system solutions and risk management.

Qualifications & Experience
Phil has a trade background and an MBA. He also holds an appointment as a Federal Safety Officer (2005), this involves responsibility for auditing OHS systems and performance for many of Australia’s major construction contractors, as part of the Federal Government’s OHS Accreditation Scheme.

Areas of special expertise
Phil’s principal areas of practice include IT, medical devices, manufacturing, retail, warehouse and transport and particularly construction.

Phil is a lead auditor in quality management systems and a business improvement grade auditor in OHS management systems, he is also trained and experience in environmental management systems auditing and implementation.

Ray McMurrich

Ray has over 20 years experience in the Workplace Health and Safety industry. Ray has a vast knowledge of health and safety and has designed and implemented Health and Safety systems for companies with less than 10 employees and for companies with over 2000 employees.

Qualifications and Experience
Ray started as an onsite safety officer and now has become an auditor and safety systems specialist, having run small business and state branches of large corporations Ray has developed an intimate knowledge of the needs and requirements of organisations of all sizes.

With an affable nature and an eye for detail Ray is a clients dream always with the best interest of the organisation at heart Ray can take your company down the quality assurance road with a minimum of   fuss and help you enjoy   journey.  An expert in ISO 9001/2015 Ray has great technological knowledge and has recently come on board and has shown an affinity for the manufacturing industry.  His experience allows him to assist in improving processes such as WMS, manufacturing, sales, after sales assistance and accounting systems.

Rosalynne Dare

Ros has spent the last 12 years working in the Workplace Alcohol and Other Drugs Industry. Prior to this Ros worked in the building and construction industry.

Qualifications and Experience
Ros has 12 years’ experience working within and maintaining an Integrated Management System Accredited to ISO 15189 - Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence. She also has experience designing and developing Quality Systems to achieve Certification to ISO 9001.
Ros has completed a BSB41412 Cert IV Work Health and Safety along with a TAE40110 Cert IV in Training and Assessment, she is currently studying a Diploma in Quality Auditing.

Areas of Expertise
Ros has an extensive knowledge of the processes and systems required to achieve Certification or Accreditation for Alcohol and Other Drugs Testing in the Workplace.
Ros has a passion for helping small businesses in various industries who are venturing into the quality world to design and develop simple systems to achieve ongoing continual improvement, customer satisfaction and quality certification.  Ros is a logical thinker with a desire to not overcomplicate processes.

Stuart Horstman

Stuart has 25 years industry experience, the last 15 of those consulting to a wide range of industries and organisations.

Qualifications & Experience
Stuart has Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry).

Stuart has been a Member and registered auditor with the Quality Society of Australasia, the Australian Institute of Management and the Graduate Management Association of Australia. He taught TQM and Business Statistics for the Executive MBA Program at the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is also a director of a successful international surf travel agency.

Stuart has a long track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget. He has extensive experience in project management, coaching and mentoring, and promotes knowledge transfer to clients he works with.

Areas of special expertise
Stuart has consulted to a wide variety of industries including chemical manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive, oil & gas, construction, packaging, various professional services, as well as major utilities and public sector organisations.

He specialises in business performance improvement projects, including the implementation of quality management systems, targeted process improvement and change management. Stuart has also implemented both occupational health & safety and environmental systems.

Victor Blome

In addition to his formal qualifications, Victor has over eight years of practical experience across various industries in the management of quality, safety and environment systems and 13 years of operational level experience in the Aviation Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) industry.

Qualifications & Experience

Victor began his career as an aircraft maintenance technician and has an AS Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology with a minor in Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Continual education and role progression has seen Victor hold management roles in the fields of quality, health, safety and environment, working in a variety of organisations from family businesses to multi-national organisations.

Victor’s troubleshooting approach founded in the aviation industry, combined with his formal qualifications and practical work experience has ensured his success as an auditor and consultant. After completing lead auditor courses in OHS & Environment systems he successfully implemented his first certified OHS and Environmental Management System in 2011. Victor then went on to complete the lead auditor course in AS9100C / ISO9001 Aerospace Quality Management Systems and has been working as an independent contractor since late 2014.

Auditor Certificates: AS9100C, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001.  

Areas of special expertise

Victor’s background in highly regulated industries, operational processes and consultation, greatly enhances the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the systems he is involved in. His specialties are underpinned using risk management methodologies, customer, regulator & client relationship building, staff consultation, and performance indicator analysis.     

He enjoys problem solving and streamlining processes to optimise efficiency and effectiveness in sectors such as: manufacturing, construction, energy, maintenance, chemical management/ processing as well as office environments.